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Ready to hear a crazy lucid dreaming story?

I’ve been lucid dreaming for a long time now and often people who are completely new to lucid dreaming ask me if I have any lucid dreaming stories or experiences that I can share with them that will help them to better understand exactly what it’s like to dream lucidly.

And I always reply to these questions with a story about the very first lucid dream that I ever had because it had such a profound impact on me that it turned me into a frequent lucid dreamer and years later I’m still totally hooked. And in the following video I’m going to share that exact same story with you…

The result of this lucid dreaming experience…

After waking up from my first lucid dream I literally laid in bed for about an hour just thinking about the experience. I was totally mesmerized and in awe at just what the mind is capable of.

I couldn’t believe that the whole world that I had just been in which seemed so colorful and vivid and in which I could touch things, taste things and smell things was simply a projection of my own mind. I knew very quickly after waking up that I would become a frequent lucid dreamer.

What also occurred to me only after waking up was that I was actually having an actual conversation with my sub-conscious the whole way throughout the dream in the form of one of my friends. I was talking to my sub-conscious and asking it questions and having a real interaction with it… something that I would have previously thought was totally impossible.

Want to start lucid dreaming too?

The really cool thing about lucid dreaming is that it’s actually quite easy to do once you know how to do it.

Basically the way that I (and thousands of other people) are able to regularly dream lucidly is by performing frequent ‘reality checks’ during the day where we check to see whether we are awake or asleep. This can include doing things like reading the first sentence of a book twice.

If the sentence changes the second time around then you know that you are dreaming. Or you can look at your watch and check the time.

Once again if the time changes the second time that you look at your watch then that’s right – you’re dreaming!

Once you incorporate these ‘reality checks’ into your waking life and perform them often enough you’ll also start to perform them during your dreams and it’s at that moment that you will suddenly realize that you are in fact inside of a dream and will become lucid.

And to learn exactly how you can perform these checks and dream lucidly do then you can get your hands on my completely free and simple guide to lucid dreaming by clicking here.


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