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Today I wanted to make a short guide to show you how you can use a lesser known but incredibly effective lucid dreaming called ‘FILD lucid dreaming’ (aka ‘Finger Induced Lucid Dream’).

And whilst FILD might seem like a pretty funny technique at first I can assure you that if you try it you’ll likely find it to be one of the easiest and simplest techniques for inducing awesome lucid dreams.

But enough rambling… lets get to the video tutorial!

An Introduction To FILD…

The Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming technique is actually very similar to the Wake Induce Lucid Dreaming technique. However unlike the WILD technique you don’t need to enter sleep paralysis to induce a lucid dream so this makes the FILD technique especially perfect for lucid dreaming beginners.

4 Step FILD Lucid Dreaming Guide…

Step 1: Go To Sleep

The first step is simple. Just go to sleep!

Step 2: Wake Up After A Few Hours

Next you want to wake up after a few hours. It’s extremely important that’s it’s only 3 or 4 hours or so and that you don’t sleep too long. If you oversleep then this technique wont work so if you need to make sure to set an alarm. You want to wake up so that are you still tired and in that state where you are already effortlessly drift back to sleep and your dream world.

Step #3: Use The FILD Technique

Now it’s time to use the FILD technique which works like this. As you are drifting back to sleep simply move your index and middle fingers up and down in an alternating fashion as if you are playing a piano. The key is to not move your fingers so much that you would be able to actually ‘press’ a piano key down. Instead you just want to apply enough pressure so that your muscles contract but your fingers should actually be barely moving at all. For a more detailed demonstration be sure to watch the video above where I demonstrate this.

Step #4: Perform A Reality Check

After you have been doing this for around thirty seconds then perform a reality check. You don’t have to actually count to thirty in your head or anything like that. Just perform the reality check after what feels like thirty seconds. The best reality checks for this tend to be ones that involve minimal moving and one that I have found to work quite well is to hold your fingers over your nose with one hand whilst keeping your mouth closed and then trying to breath through your nose. Obviously if it turns out that you can breath through your nose… then you know you are are in a dream. And if you pull of the FILD technique correctly the chances of you becoming lucid are extremely high.

Ready To Step Up Your Lucid Dreaming Game?

For the very best results you should perform FILD alongside other powerful lucid dreaming techniques! To learn these simple beginner techniques you can check out my free lucid dreaming crash course… it’ll have you lucid dreaming in no time!


3 Stupidly Simple Steps To Having Awe-Inspiring Lucid Dreams...
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