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Why bother lucid dreaming?

There’s a hell of a lot of good reasons to lucid dream and for every lucid dreamer the reasons are slightly different. Personally the reason I choose to dream lucidly is for a mix of both fun and self discovery. I love to go on outrageous and wild adventures within my mind throughout the night but I also really enjoy learning things about myself by getting in touch with my sub-conscious in a way that I can only do through lucid dreaming.

But to really sum up the benefits of lucid dreaming and to properly show you why I’m such a huge fan of the practice just check out the short video below that I put together that’ll go over all of the very best reasons to dream lucidly:

A summary of the lucid dreaming benefits…

If you don’t have time to watch the video above or if you would like a quick summary then here’s a short list of the top lucid dreaming benefits:

Benefit #1: Lucid dreams is a hell of a lot of fun. They allow you to do all kinds of crazy stuff whether it be flying throughout the sky, exploring made up worlds or even indulging in some of your wildest sexual fantasies.

Benefit #2: You can use your dreams to rehearse and practice tasks. So if you have an upcoming stressful task that you are a bit nervous about (such as a job interview of a public speaking engagement) then you can practice that even within your dreams and then when you go to perform it for real you’ll feel extremely well prepared and a lot more confident.

Benefit #3: Dreaming lucidly can be used to prevent nightmares! If you’re somebody that is prone to frightful dreams then you can use the power of lucid dreaming to turn your nightmares into fun and empowering dreams as you are able to realize that nothing can harm you which makes all of the fear disappear.

Benefit #4: Lucid dreams can be used to learn about yourself and to get in touch with your sub-conscious. If you are having problems in your real life but are unable to get to the root cause of them then often you can use your dreams to get in touch with your sub-conscious and to discover where the problem lies so that you can go about fixing it. In a way a lucid dream can be like the best therapist on the planet!

But to really understand why lucid dreaming is so awesome…

You simply have to try it for yourself.

I could sit here all day listing all of the benefits and perks but nothing will really compare to simply experiencing a lucid dream for yourself.

And the great thing is learning to lucid dream is actually quite easy and only takes a little bit of research and knowledge.

Pretty much anybody can dream lucidly and getting started is quite simple and straight forward.

So how can you start lucid dreaming?

To help you get started on your lucid dreaming journey I’ve put together a completely free and straight forward guide to lucid dreaming that you can get your hands on here.

It’ll teach you everything that you need to know and will have you experiencing crazy and awe-inspiring lucid dreams in no time at all!


3 Stupidly Simple Steps To Having Awe-Inspiring Lucid Dreams...
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