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MILD lucid dreaming (aka ‘the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams’) is a super easy and super effective lucid dreaming technique that you can use each night that will increase the chances of you having a lucid dream.

And in this really short video I’m going to explain exactly how MILD works and how you can take advantage of it to have more lucid dreams!

How Does MILD Lucid Dreaming Work?

The idea behind MILD is extremely simple and it basically just involves us repeating or a phrase or mantra over and over again in our heads whilst we are falling asleep. So for example if you are struggling to become lucid inside of your dreams you might choose a MILD phrase like ‘tonight I will discover that I am dreaming’.

And then by repeating this phrase over and over again as you go to sleep a little cue will get planted inside of your sub-concious which will then make you more likely to discover that you are dreaming and thus become lucid once you are asleep. It’s sounds simple (and it is) but it’s ridiculously effective!

More Examples Of MILD Phrases…

Your MILD phrase can be pretty much anything that you would like it to be provided that it’s short and to the point. And what’s really cool is you can specifically tailor your MILD phrase to fit the problem that you are trying to fix.

So for example if you are able to become lucid in your dreams but you suffer from getting so excited when you do become lucid that you wake up right away then you might want to try a MILD phrase like ‘tonight I will stay calm when I realize I am dreaming’. Then by repeating this phrase and planting the idea in your mind you will be more likely to remain calm and in your dream when you do in fact become lucid.

Or on the other hand if you are having trouble with your dream recall and are frequently unable to remember your dreams then you could try a MILD mantra like ‘tomorrow I will remember my dreams!’.

Keep It Short And Easy To Remember…

The key to a good and effective MILD phrase is to keep it short and easy to remember. The last thing that you want to do is try to repeat and remember a twenty word long sentence as you go to sleep. Furthermore your phrases also don’t by any means have to be the exact ones that I’ve mentioned here. In fact it’s better if you choose something that’s unique to you.

For The Very Best Results…

For the very best results of course MILD should be used along side other powerful lucid dreaming techniques including strategies like performing reality checks and keeping a dream journal. But if you’re new to lucid dreaming fear not because you can find out learn all of the basics by clicking here where you’ll be able to get your hands on my free and short guide to experiencing powerful lucid dreams!


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