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Every lucid dreamer should know how to do a reality check as they are one of the simplest and easiest ways to induce a lucid dream.

So today I’ve put together a short video guide which you can find below in where I explain exactly what a reality check is, how they work and how you can use them to start experiencing crazy awesome lucid dreams!

What Is A Reality Check?

Basically reality checks are ‘checks’ that we can do to find out whether we are awake or dreaming at any time. And the general idea is that we regularly perform these ‘checks’ during our waking life often enough that we start to perform them in our dreams too and it’s when we do this that we will discover that we are dreaming and become ‘lucid’.

How To Do Reality Checks…

So let me give you an example of one of the most popular types of reality checks which I call the ‘reading’ reality check. To perform the ‘reading’ reality check you must pick up a book and then read the first sentence from it and then turn away for a moment. Then you should turn to face the book again and then read that same sentence one more time. If the sentence is the same the second time around then it means that you are most likely awake however if you are in a dream that sentence will usually change to something different altogether. And it’s when you do go to perform this check in your dreams and realize that the words are changing that you can then discover that you are in fact inside of a dream and become lucid! Though this is just one type of reality check and I have listed several more below that you can use.

Other Types Of Reality Checks…

There are many different types of reality checks that you can choose from and they all work well. Personally I’m a big fan of the ‘reading’ reality check that I mentioned above but any of the following will work well

The Time Reality Check: This one is very similar to the ‘reading’ reality check that I mentioned above. Simply look at a clock to see what the time is and then look away. Then look back at the clock and if the time is the same then you are awake but if it’s different you are dreaming… or your clock is broken.

 Try To Fly: For this check just try to jump up into the air and fly into the sky. Obviously if you are awake this wont work but if you are dreaming you could very well find yourself able to fly.

 Try To Push Your Hands Through Solid Surfaces: To perform this check simply try to penetrate a solid surface like a brick wall with your hands. You’ll know that if you manage to do it that you are dreaming!

The Key Is To Be Mindful And Consistent…

Reality checks are dead easy to perform but for them to really work you will need to be both mindful when performing them and consistent.

So when I say ‘mindful’ what I mean is that you really need to think about and consider whether you are in fact dreaming even if you think you are awake. If you just assume that you are always awake when performing your reality checks then you might also do the same in your dreams and fail to become lucid.

Also you will need to be consistent with your reality checks. Try to get into the habit of performing them regularly and multiple times a day until it becomes habit.

A great way to ensure that you remember to perform your reality checks regularly is to leave little notes and reminders around the place whether it be at your desk or on your phone that ask things like ‘are you dreaming?’ or that instruct you to ‘perform a reality check!’.

For The Very Best Results…

For the very best result reality checks are best done alongside other lucid dreaming techniques too (such as the MILD technique for example).

But if you’re new to these techniques then don’t worry because you can click hereto get a completely free, short and simple guide to all of the lucid dreaming basics that you’ll need to know to start experiencing powerful and vivid lucid dreams at night!


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