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I always get a lot of questions here on my blog about REM sleep. I get people asking me about what it is exactly, how it works and what it has to do with dreams.

So today I’ve put together this short but comprehensive video guide that will explain exactly how REM sleep works plus I’ll also be showing you why REM is GREAT for lucid dreams!

What Is REM Sleep And What Is Non REM Sleep?

Each night we go in and out of two kinds of sleep: rem sleep and non rem sleep. REM sleep refers to and is short for ‘rapid eye moment’ since due to that fact that whilst in REM sleep a person’s eyes will rapidly move. This can be seen by an observer as a sort of ‘flickering’ of the eyelids.

The Stages Of REM Sleep…

During the night we actually go in and out of REM sleep multiple times over. Usually on average this will occur somewhere around 4-5 times during a night. However the REM cycles that we experience towards the beginning of our sleep are a lot shorter. Then throughout the night as we go in and out of REM cycles our REM sleep cycles become longer and longer.

Characteristics Of REM Sleep…

There are two main things that happen during REM sleep which are:

Brain Activity Is Heightened. In fact during your REM sleep polysomnograms actually show brain activity to be very similar to levels that one would experience whilst they are awake. Furthermore because our brain activity is so heightened during REM sleep it’s during these cycles that we experience vivid dreams

Sleep Paralysis. The other big thing that happens during REM sleep is something called ‘sleep paralysis‘ which means that our body is actually unable to move in the real world. And this occurs to protect you so that you stay safe and don’t try to jump off a balcony or fly in your real life if you go to try to do in your dreams.


Is REM Sleep Deep Sleep?

In a nutshell – yes. REM sleep is the point during the your sleep in which you are in the ‘deepest sleep’ and waking somebody up is always most difficult whilst they are in REM sleep. Because REM sleep is such a deep sleep if someone is woken up during an REM sleep cycle then it’s likely that they will have no problem or have to make much effort to get back to sleep and often it just happens effortlessly!

REM Sleep And Lucid Dreaming…

Since REM sleep is time in the night in which we experience our dreams it’s also the time when we can get experience lucid dreams! And for anyone that’s new to lucid dreaming then what this basically means is that we can actually become aware of the fact that we are dreaming WHILST we are in our dream which then allows us to recognize that the whole thing is a product of our mind allowing us to take full control over it so that we can sculpt and manipulate our dream worlds as we see fit. And if you’d like to learn how to lucid dream then you can get your hands on my completely free lucid dreaming guidewhich will show you EXACTLY how you can easily start to experience awesome, crazy and super vivid lucid dreams in no time at all!


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