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So what is lucid dreaming exactly?

I’ve been lucid dreaming for a long time now and they’re not only an incredible way to go on crazy adventures throughout your sub-conscious but they’re a remarkable way to learn a lot about yourself.

However many times I get asked things like “what is lucid dreaming” or “how does it work exactly?” so to explain it I’ve put together this video that’ll explain everything that you need to know about lucid dreaming and how it works:

So lets summarize shall we?

Basically lucid dreams are dreams where you know you are dreaming.

So where as normally during a dream you have absolutely no idea that you inside of a dream and that what is happening isn’t real during a lucid dream you are often totally aware of this fact and as a result are able to manipulate your dreams in any way that you see fit.

This means that you can do and try things that would be totally impossible in real life including things like flying through the sky or getting intimate with that celebrity that you’ve always had a crush on 😉

Lucid dreams really are an incredible phenomena and the really cool thing about them is that learning to lucid dream is actually surprisingly easy.

You just need to master a few very basic lucid dreaming techniques and in no time at all you can start to experience incredibly vivid and awe-inspiring lucid dreams that will take your breath away.

But why would I want to dream lucidly?

There are a lot of benefits to lucid dreaming.

For a start they are incredibly fun and in ways can be like the most immersive video game that you’ve ever played.

But there’s also a lot of other reasons to dream lucidly too. For example they are a fantastic way to learn more about yourself.

Through the act of lucid dreaming you can actually get in touch with your sub-concious (hell you can even have a direct conversation with your sub-concious!) which allows you to learn an awful lot about yourself and can even help you to figure out certain problems or issues that you are having in your real life by discovering the root causes of these issues.

But on top of that you can even use your lucid dreams to do things like practice for upcoming tasks that you have you have to perform in your real life that you’re feeling a little intimidated by.

For example if you have an upcoming job interview or have to speak in public and you are feeling scared and nervous you can actually practice these tasks within your dream and then when you go to perform them in your real life you’ll feel surprisingly well prepared for them as if you had done it a million times before.

So exactly how can you start lucid dreaming?

As I mentioned before lucid dreaming isn’t hard to do at all.

You simply have to learn to a few simple lucid dreaming techniques and begin to practice them and you’ll soon find yourself having amazing lucid dreams at night.

And if you want to learn exactly what these techniques are then you can get your hands on my super short and easy to follow three step guide to lucid dreaming for free by clicking here.


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